the finest jewelry casting services in the industry.

We are a jewelry casting company offering some of the finest results in the industry. We have factories in USA and China manufacturing jewelry in bulk. Our overseas China factory does abundant amount of casting daily. Therefore, no volume is large enough for such a massive operation. As the leading jewelry casters in the industry, we are prepared to take on your casting work and provide top quality results with no delays.

What is Casting of Jewelry

Known as one of the oldest skilled trades since the existence of melting metal. Casting of wholesale custom jewelry and accessories requires years of knowledge and proper tools, machinery, environment and setting. The jewelry casting services use the process of melting, and injecting the metal into the lost wax cavities. During the process of making jewelry the wax is "lost" for this reason, the process is also referred to lost wax casting. We at Custom Fashion Jewels use only the finest and purest metals of brass and sterling silver, Prop 65 compliant.

Jewelry Casting services flask with melted molten metal
Custom jewelry casting wax trees of brass and sterling silver

Brass and Sterling Silver jewelry Casting Process

1. usually manufactured jewelry starts as a wax pattern. a wax tree is then formed using these replica pieces attaching them with a sprue into the central wax runner.

2. Investment which is ceramic mold is poured into a stainless steel flask carrying the prepared wax tree. The flask containing the investment is vacuumed with it's specific instrument releasing remaining air inside.

3. An advanced oven is used at a controlled temperature with the flask placed inside to harden the investment and melt away the wax.

4. now that the wax is eliminated and the mold is ready, molten metal is poured into the cavity with vacuum force.

5. to finalize the jewelry casting process we will cool off the flask with cold water. This will remove the investment material.

6. Now we can remove the exact wax pattern which was created in the first step materializing a formed wax tree with high quality sterling silver or brass metal.

To conclude, as a bulk jewelry casting company our China wholesale manufacturing division will ensure the trees are cut properly and ready for for finishing individually. This will include extensive quality control and inspection. With many years of experience and a facility full of advanced modern machinery we are standing by to assist in all your brass and sterling silver wholesale jewelry casting.

Sterling Silver .925