Jewelry polishing service For smooth and shiny surface

Jewelry polishing service is an important process to make the surface of your fashion jewelry smooth and shiny during manufacturing and maintenance. There are different polishing stages and for different purposes. As for polishing, it is the process of buffing jewelry to the polishing wheel.

Types of Jewelry Polishing and finishing

Jewelry Polishing is part of the the metal finishing process. These steps also includes cleaning, tumbling, pickling, plating, buffing among other stages. As we all know there are many different types of custom jewelry. Fashion ornaments such as charms, necklaces, rings, bracelets all differ from one another. For instance, some designs require a high polish finish others need more of a matte finish. Depending on the look and design our client envisions, we can provide the smoothness or shine necessary for each precious metal.

Some of the jewelry polishing and finishing services include:

High-polish is a high shine finish which is the most often used procedure by a polisher. Also can be referenced as mirror finish.

Semi-Polish can also be referred to factory semi polish. It is a level below the high polish but still holds the smooth and shiny look.

Matte Finish is when the jewelry has a flat finish and holds no shine. It is more of an organic look and brings out the characteristics and design of the piece.

Brush Finish or brushed finish give the visibility of the brush stroked which can also be felt when you move your finger around the jewelry. It can be used to give an elegant two-tone look.

Jewelry polishing service on polishing wheel
Jewelry polishing and finishing service
Jewelry polishing wheel for finishing

Experience is key to precision when polishing

Professional jewelry polishing and finishing process requires precise tools and and experienced skilled artisan. From the usage of correct compound to the variant polishing wheels.

Most of our Professional Polishers and Lappers have been mastering the art of polishing for over 30 years!