The leader in wholesale jewelry suppliers in USA

Custom fashion jewels Inc. is America's #1 full package jewelry manufacturer. There are many wholesale jewelry suppliers in USA. Here are some key-points to look for when you make your USA based jewellery production and distribution decision.

  • Low pricing for development and wholesale production
  • Ability to produce low & high volume manufacturing capacity
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Quality control guarantee
  • Design ability with custom fashion jewelry expertise
  • Your Reliable Partner in Jewelry Design and Production

    Whether you are a new startup jewelry designer or an established organization, or even just interested in a one-time development and production run on a single style. Your dealings with Custom Fashion Jewels will remain consistent and helpful in every order in motion. We understand the needs of all levels of clients, and can take charge of any given project, bringing your final beautiful creations to life. Our wholesale headquarters in USA is conveniently based in Burbank near Los Angeles, CA. With the convenience and confidence we possess, we give our clients the assurance they need to take pride in their "made in USA" production. Part of being a full package jewelry manufacturer includes assistance in brand development and assistance in logistics, in fact, these are crucial in the beginning stages of your production.

    USA wholesale jewelry manufacturing for bulk jewelry and accessories
    High Quality US Made Jewelry - Helping Retailers Gain Higher Margins By Going Factory Direct

    how wholesale jewelry suppliers usa differ

    Jewelry production in USA can be very tricky. Many of our clients reach out to us puzzled and confused with setbacks. This is due to claims from other wholesale jewelry suppliers in USA that have not delivered their promises. On the contrary, at Custom Fashion Jewels we let our actions and business conduct speak for itself. This method of operation has been polished through the years with experience and valuable craftsmanship in u.s. made products. that being said, knowledge and experience is essential but having the proper tools and technology is what sets us apart from other wholesale bulk jewelry manufacturers.