High Quality Jewelry tumbler polishing

Jewerly tumbler polishing is an effective process used to polish large volume bulk jewellery pieces in a barrel using specific tumbler media. Tumbler Finishing changes the process of polishing to expedite the production speed rapidly. Our jewelry tumbling services use various grinding rocks also known as tumbling media with the proper use of the burnishing compound to achieve numerous finishes. For instance, difference in compound, media, speed and other jewelry tumbling supplies can give a different outcome for the final look with our jewelry tumbler polishing.

Qualities of Jewelry Tumbling Services

Different methods of tumbling can polish to a bright finish for the hard to reach places in half the time. Production costs are reduced with the ability of tumbling in large quantities. Another jewelry tumbler polishing methods can be used to achieve an oxidized antique look. These finishes are very stylish and trendy in today's market.
* Please note all jewelry tumbling services are done prior to stone setting.

Jewelry tumbler services for polishing
Stone setting before after tumbling
Jewelry Tumbler barrel

We are experienced in magnetic, stainless steel and ceramic tumbler finishing methods.

Some of our wholesale custom bulk jewelry tumbling rocks and metals include: stainless steel jewelry tumbling media, plastic tumbling media and premium ceramic tumbling media among others. These are used in our barrel tumbler to complete a cycle which provide the desired finish. Each of these materials complete a different task of our jewelry tumbling services. Whether it's adding shine, removing shine, oxidizing, cleaning or removing scratches, jewelry tumbler polishing is the answer for most of your high volume custom wholesale production.