Development of jewelry designs

With leading technology and modern machinery Custom Fashion Jewels will turn your ideas into tangible trendy designs creating high volume development of jewelry. From designing to producing your next masterpiece. We have the capability to start from scratch and turn your ideas into reality, resulting in high volume jewelry manufacturing. Let us assist with all your jewelry development services. Just draw or sketch it on paper and allow our experienced team of professionals to bring your beauty to life, by starting the 3D Design Process.

Basics of jewelry development

1. Sketch of an Idea - We start off with a sketch on a piece of paper or a design on a computer software. Turning this visual idea into a 3D CAD gives us the precise accuracy from every perspective for the jewelry development phase.
2. Master - The first model of the jewelry development design is the master. We make sure the master is perfect in accuracy and detail. The model is made slightly larger due to possibility of shrinkage depending on the materials. This requires years of experience and understanding the process
3. Metal or rubber mold - The next step is to make a mold to start volume production. We determine whether we need a metal mold or rubber mold. This process varies with each jewelry development design.
4. Turning to Wax & Casting - Now we're able to start the regular jewelry creation process. Models from the mold are attached to a wax tree which is then put into a cask ready for the oven. Once the oven process is finalized the casting begins. Which leads to polishing and the finishing step. The final step is setting gemstones and assembly.

Sketch of design
Development of jewelry designs


Master for Development of Jewelry
Rubber molds ready Development of Jewelry
Metal mold
Master molds for development of jewelry

Jewelry Mold making is the process of ensuring the accuracy of a jewelry piece to be duplicated. We will determine the type of mold to choose from, depending on your design. With a long history of making molds we have experience to guarantee the perfect mold model for each design. With precision and clarity your future jewellery models will be identical each and every time.