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From gold plated bracelets to rhodium jewelry electroplating of rings, charms and necklaces. Our state of the art plating options are the solution for your custom bulk jewelry manufacturing. Our Plating is nickel free and hypoallergenic with additional e-coating for extra protection and lifespan. With a long-serving, proficient factory in China, we are your answer to all your wholesale jewelry plating needs.

Wholesale Jewelry Plating explained

Electroplating for jewelry is the process of applying a coating on the metal using electric current. Using various solutions, jewelry plating services are performed for a number of reasons. For example, the obvious one is to change the color. Also, depending on the solution and proper coating, plating will add value to fashion jewelry. Fashion wholesale jewelry gold plated will add a whole different dynamic to the piece, as a result, adding to the value. Another example for wholesale jewelry plating services is for maintenance and covering flaws on the jewelry. Whether the piece has scratches or any other imperfections, the coating can cover for a smoother finish. Overtime tarnishing of silver metal is another reason for plating.

wholesale jewelry plating
wholesale jewelry gold plated pieces

Jewelry Electroplating Process

Some plating steps differ but most are similar for all metals.

Proper preparation is the key to professional-quality electro-plating results. Make sure the piece is properly buffed and polished before plating. Remove grease, oil, or compounds in an ultrasonic cleaner. Then rinse in distilled water to prepare for plating. Clean in an electro-cleaner or electro-wash solution using a stainless steel anode. Rinse again in distilled water. Now that it's ready for the next step, depending on the solution of your choice, you will dip the piece of jewelry into the solution. the difference in metals and coating come into place when determining the temperature, ampage, duration of dipping into solution etc. Finally rinse again and inspect the jewelry.

Whether you're using Jewelry Plating Services for enhancements or maintenance refurbishment purposes, Custom Fashion Jewels Inc is ready to take on all your wholesale jewelry plating projects.

Custom Fashion Jewels Offers Optional Vermeil Plating.​



Black Rhodium



Rose Gold

14k Gold

24k Gold

Silver Ox

Brass Ox

We also offer E-Coating upon request. What is E Coating? E-coating, also known as electro-coating is the process/method used on jewelry to further protect the plating from tarnish and discoloration. E-coating is clear in color, and is an optional process that is applied on the jewelry after the completion of the jewelry plating services.