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Low Cost Wholesale Jewelry Manufacturing

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Your Complete Wholesale Jewelry Source.

Custom Fashion Jewels Inc. is a leading bulk jewelry manufacturer, capable of turning your design into a finished packaged product ready to hit the stores. Being an all-around jewelry supplier, we are a one stop shop in all aspects of your development, production, finishing, assembly and packaging. 

As a high volume wholesale jewelry manufacturer, Custom Fashion Jewels Inc. provides expert operations including but not limited to an experienced quality control team, providing strict attention to product quality & precision. This ensures that every piece of jewelry matches your approved pre-production samples.

Much experience / expertise are essential to creating beautiful custom jewellery. Each of these steps is carefully prioritized to take a stride closer to completing your new or existing jewelry line. One of the reasons Custom Fashion Jewels Inc. is your #1 source for wholesale jewelry manufacturing services, is the ability to accomplish all of this with an unbeatable turnaround time. The goal is to simplify overseas jewelry production from the factory to your satisfied customers.

Custom Fashion Jewels Inc. has the capability to execute all your Jewelry Manufacturing Services including: polishing, stones & setting, casting, plating, CAD designs, molds or development. We work closely every step of the way to ensure smooth outcomes throughout the process.

Wholesale jewelry source direct partnership
With Factories in USA & China Custom Fashion Jewels is Your Top Bulk Jewelry Supplier.

It takes experience and knowledgeable production management, to pin-point a clients needs. Custom Fashion Jewels Inc. can assist you with your wholesale jewelry development from start to finish in fraction of the time compared to your existing production. This is also achieved with wholesale pricing in mind which is beneficial financially and includes the complete satisfaction of your clients expected delivery.

The team at Custom Fashion Jewels Inc. is here to assist with your mass production and build a strong stress free business partnership along the way. This is done by eliminating these existing headaches to elevate your jewelry manufacturing production.

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