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Wholesale Jewelry

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What Custom Fashion Jewels sees in today’s marketplace, wholesale jewelry supply’s as a whole, whether you talk about wholesale fashion Jewelry (Jewelry in Bulk) or Wholesale Jewelry in USA, there is a limited amount of good quantity solid jewelry manufacturers who can only manufacture a limited amount of bulk jewelry. This is a result of limited labor workers due to the fact that the new generation is more technical rather than hands on when it comes to developing and producing wholesale jewelry.

High polished vermeil sterling silver cuffs

Same goes for example, wholesale jewelry findings. A large percentage of wholesale jewelry making suppliers have also shut down due to higher costs and lower profits left for a jewelry manufacturer. At Custom Fashion Jewels Inc, you will find many workers who have been with us with 30+ years. We love our team of staff like family, cause at the end of the day, this is our standard at CFJ and we proudly stand by that.

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