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Trumps Tariffs Against China & The Jewelry Industry

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Trumps actions in raising tariffs against China has seen a mixed reaction from actual business owners whom are engaged in global trade.

Container ships and Trumps affect on raising tariffs
Image by Maritime_Filming_UK from Pixabay

How Does Trump’s Actions in Raising Tariffs Against China Affect The Jewelry Manufacturing Industry?

Let’s look at this in depth.

With factories being owned and operated both in China and USA, Custom Fashion Jewels inc. experiences hands on, with both sides of the world. As a premier bulk jewelry wholesale manufacturer, Custom Fashion Jewels Inc. is in a league of its own. We have been working closely with its clients in delivering security over concerns of raising tariffs. As many wonder what will unfold next with the trade war taking place between the two countries. The truth is that companies such as ourselves, who have close ties between the two countries, are making sure the jewelry industry is not effected.

Our Factories are operating better than ever, as we take note and action in creating everyday process efficiency in our daily operations. By doing so, Custom Fashion Jewels Inc. is and has been lowering overhead expenses, ultimately resulting in competitive jewelry manufacturing cost to the brands we cater to.

This style of work ethics, results in expansion of our company’s success, eliminating any concerns between tariffs and wholesale jewelry manufacturing.

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